Abundant Love Project - A Rock Feast

Rock Feast - The Abundant Love Project
Sunday September 17th at 1 pm

In the August newsletter, the Abundant Love Project was discussed asking for a volunteer to guide this project.  I have thrown my hat in the ring along with Barbara Duffy and Renee Hart.   Barbara attended another location that was painting rocks to get an idea as to what this is all about.  We are set to move forward and will be gathering supplies to hold this event at Unity.  As Unity is about love and sharing it with the world, we are excited to offer this as another way to spread that love.  

My own experience with this was the day I left the doctor’s office.  I was getting in my car and a voice said, leave a rock.  So I selected one (I carry them in the cup holder of my car) and placed it under a tree in the parking lot.  Later, the person that found it posted it on the Facebook page for the “Abundant Love Project” and stated it made their day.  Some of the rocks I have painted have gone to my grandchildren, one sits with the plants on my front porch, and another is a permanent resident in my car.  They are made to be placed randomly in locations where people frequent and may find them including parks, parking lots, hiking trails, bus stops, gas stations, mountain tops, along rivers, any place you feel called to place them.  The paper enclosed with them explains the project and encourages them to post it on Facebook.  Not everyone does; however this project has gone around the world.  For me it is fun, creative, and a non-invasive way to say “You are loved”.

So join us.  Artistic talent is not required.  If you can hold a pencil, you can paint a rock.  This is being offered to the congregation on a love-offering basis.  


I am Rock Solid In The Way of Love

Love’s Presence is all around me, and Flowing Through me