Power of the month is the Power of Power

The Power of Power
Disciple: Phillip
Color: Purple
Location: throat, the nerves that control the larynx
Man is the power of God in action.
Keep A True Lent


Words hold power. What we speak, what we think, our thoughts are prayers. What are we praying for? Do we want it once it arrives?

Most recently we've prayed for a house. Under Section 8 guidelines it has to meet certain criteria. Unfortunately, most of these houses are in the worst neighborhoods. Therefore the schools are not the best. But Spirit brought us an alternative. Julie from church has a home that sat vacant for a year and a half. It is the same size as the one we currently live in. We'll be able to pay the mortgage and not break the bank. It is an answer to prayer. The only caveat is that it is in Guthrie. A new school for Wes. A new town to get used to.

We speak volumes with our thoughts. The center of power is the throat. Vibrations create sound waves that form words. These words create. What are you creating with your thoughts as they manifest into words?

Rev. Patrick has often asked would you openly travel the streets of your mind. Your imagination is a powerful tool. It creates something out of nothing. You hold the power of God in your words. We are truly the power of God in action. What power have you given away? What power do you openly share with your thoughts and words?

We manifest creation with our words. It is how you use your words that is most important. It is how you think that creates as well. So think clear thoughts. Manifest health and oneness and unity. Create a vision to live for the future and know that those of a like-mind create the same future with you. Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying. What are you praying for? Know that it will manifest the more you linger. Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. So mind your thoughts and words. With them create a future worth living in.

                                                                  by Bryan Carlile


Affirmations for directing the power of your words

I am aware of the thoughts and words I speak, and I Choose them in accordance with my heart’s Desire

I am a powerful Creative Spiritual Being; my words have power

I shape and form the Substance of universe; I am powerful.

With Each word I speak I send a vibration out into the universe; I am in alignment with the rhythm of life